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Beyond Barriers Radio

Do you feel like yelling about it on the internet? We’re here to help. Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet features dramatic readings of one-star reviews written by people who just need to have their voice heard.

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Respect. Humility. Empathy – Interview with Isaiah Perez

Summary Author and Host of RHE Podcast, Isaiah Perez, joins Jeff Schoep and Jenn Kreis for this episode of #beyondbarriers Podcast.    Check out Isaiah’s Linktree for his book and social media links: Check out RHE Podcast’s YouTube Channel or visit the RHE Podcast Website: Jeff Schoep is the Founder of  Beyond Barriers. FromContinue reading “Respect. Humility. Empathy – Interview with Isaiah Perez”

Blast from the Past – Ft Jenn Kreis – #BeyondBarriersPodcast S3 E1

Summary Jeff and Jenn are back! In this first episode of the new season, Jennifer Kreis  @Strength Over Evil   joins Jeff Schoep once again as co-host of the #BeyondBarriers  Podcast. Jenn Kreis is the daughter of long time white supremacist and  once head of Aryan Nations, August Kreis III. Footage of when Jenn  appeared onContinue reading “Blast from the Past – Ft Jenn Kreis – #BeyondBarriersPodcast S3 E1”

Radical Extremism Prevention with Nick Daines of Safen3t – S2 E16

Nick Daines joins hosts Jeff Schoep and Acacia Dietz for the last episode of the season! Nick Daines is a consultant Intervention Provider to the Home Office, right-wing extremism expert and online safety trainer. Nick has extensive experience working with challenging behavior, in both  psychiatric and secure care environments, specializing in gang violence  and ideologicalContinue reading “Radical Extremism Prevention with Nick Daines of Safen3t – S2 E16”


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